Did you see us with Janet?

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Summer Belles – the [common] thread #3

21 Sep 2014 |

Summer Belles is an eye-catching hand-painted paper design, communicating the social freedom that many began to experience in the 1970s.

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Birds – the [common] thread #2

11 Aug 2014 |

It’s another take on an avian species for this month’s [common] thread, but birds are an ever popular choice for a motif and Marion Dorn’s are just fabulous.

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31 Jul 2014 |

In Old English, clout was a word used for patch; it later came to mean rag or fragment: ‘Ne’er cast a clout ’till May be out’ i.e. don’t discard you winter clothes until the end of May…or until the end of July, […]

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Trade Show Maths

19 Jul 2014 |

This week we ventured to the lovely spa town of Harrogate for Home & Gift 2014, and our greeting cards took centre stage once more; here’s how it came together at stand H25.

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Flamingos – the [common] thread #1

08 Jul 2014 |

Flamingos have long had a home in the hearts of authors (think Carroll), hotel complex developers (think Vegas), and kitsch gardeners (still a thing). And from stationery and swimwear, it’s safe to say that these elegant and intriguing birds are back in favour; […]

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In the Fabric of Braintree

29 Jun 2014 |

Braintree’s textile industry was all kinds of fabulous. It made quite a mark on the town.

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On the Joy of Social History

24 Jun 2014 |

With the weekend came Coffee, Cake & Memories – not only a celebration of the Warner Textile Archive’s 10th anniversary, but a celebration of Warner & Sons, and those who contributed to creating its legacy. We invited the Company’s former employees […]

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